Chef Navix: From Korea- Mandu!

Back in February, a friend of mine dipped out to teach in Korea for a year. I heard from a mutual friend that the man can actually cook. I never saw it with my own eyes so I was pretty skeptical.

A week or so back, he e-mailed me about his victory over Korean cuisine: Mandu (Korean Dumplings). Follow the link for the recipe he used! There's even a helpuful video.

Well, the picture he sent looks pretty tasty. Let's see how his quest turned out....

I wake up Wednesday morning, body rocked from last nights two hour session. I lay around wanting to not think about moving my body.

"I have to go to work in 2 hours…blegh,” I think to myself.

"I still have to make lunch…BLLLEGGH!”

My reality sets in and I roll down my tiny steps into a very cold and rainy day in Bucheon, South Korea. This isn’t my best day here by far, so I need some inspiration. I sleepily grab my I-Pod to add some pep to my step and crack the fridge. I can still here the Instant Message dings going off as I seem to be looking through those drunk goggles they slap on your face during the drivers ed courses.

Then one glorious ding lets off, I have stuff to make Mandu!!!!

By this time Raekwon’s “Kiss the Ring” comes on and it’s the perfect intro to try something dangerous. I hope my friends will salute me when they are over my grave at my funeral after I accidentally kill myself from cooking this. I was a tad hype during round one, probably why the result looked like a bunch of brunt asteroids covered in more burnt brittleness. I ate it still, shouldn’t have, but I couldn’t let my failure fall to the whim of Mr. McTrashbag.

I get home late after a long day of work. I want to dance but cant since I just got wind that I will be teaching a 4 week program for helping the higher level students with writing. I drag my feet, walk upstairs, put on some music, and zone out. Inspiration hits with a track by Jamal called “Jamal 141.” I got a tad of energy and thought I should at least get something to eat. Then Kero One’s “Groovin’” comes on and now my fatness has enough energy to at least groove down the steps. I look discouraged at my grounded meat, thinking I should probably make something of that soon before it goes bad. Then, no joke, Swing Out Sister’s “Better Make it Better” comes on. I look up and let out a hardy chuckle. Thanks pops, even when you are in another country your values still reach me somehow…along with your music!

So I run downstairs to a convenience store and buy some oil that led to round one’s glorious defeat. I do everything the same except I add a ludicrously large amount of oil to prevent any perishable foods from bursting into flames. What you see before you is that happy victory in which I conquered the infamous Mandu.

Thanks to my homie in arms, Sqrl’ly Sqrl, for giving me a spot on her blog. Keep on reading for awesome deliciousness that makes souls happy. Her posts are usually better written, documented, and informative than this! Also she is awake when she writes it, which is great for people who want to make sense of things.

Peace, Love, and all the Nom Noms,

Mike aka NavIX
Dancing Monkey Dynasty
R. Funkist