// Remington

His photo instantly pulled my heart strings with that funny perked ear and soulful eyes. Something about Remi's expression said we were meant to meet. I resisted visiting him at the shelter for about two weeks. When he still wasn't adopted, I caved and casually strolled pass the kennel during a volunteer shift. The next day, I went into the kennel and he climbed into my arms like a child. I asked my husband to come meet Remi and he sighed. Apparently, he was planning on adopting him as a surprise. He came home on Valentine's day 2015.

Remington is a rescue from West VA and classified as a Fiest. They're a mixed terrier breed used in the South to (you won't believe this) track squirrels. He is a huge cuddle bug and gives the best "welcome home" greeting. This kid can outrun the best of them and is the destroyer of all plushy toys. My favorite trait is how he waits till the darkest hours of the night then sneaks into our bed. No matter what, we are awakened to Remi wiggling on his back in between us, excited for another big day!

// Madison

I remember thinking to myself, "now why on earth would someone have another child so closely following their first?" When I asked my mom about the small age difference between myself and my older brother, she grinned widely and stated that I was a "pleasant surprise." I'll take it - cuz Lord knows that's what Madison turned out to be for us!

While picking up some kibble at the pet store, I felt a gentle tap on my shoulder. It was Madison, reaching out through the kennel bars. She was SUPPOSED to be a foster for a month or so. Just a little break from PetSmart. Back she went -- we stood firm! Two weeks went by though and I found myself looking at my poor husband doe-eyed. We've fostered so many times before but her intense affection (even the drool), gentle mannerism, familiarity with Remi, and affinity for playing fetch stuck with us. Madison had staked her claim on our home and hearts. 

// Guest Starring - Bruce & Parker

Late one summer night in 2008, I was practicing in my mom's garage with the door cracked slightly to ease the heat. When I turned off the boom box, I heard the most precious sound: a kitten. There he was- peeking under the door. I crawled underneath but he shuffled into the garden. I crouched down and lo, I was sitting next to a 2nd kitten. They were about 3 weeks old and exhausted. I have no idea where they came from but I cannot imagine life without them. They are without a doubt, the weirdest cats I've ever met. They currently live with my mother who, naturally, grew very attached and couldn't bear all three of us moving out.

Bruce (left) talks too much. Wants to cuddle at 3AM. Drools when he's overwhelmed with joy. Chaser of dragon flies. Cowardly. Hates it when I wear hats. And forever looks like a kitten. Some have mistaken him for a female because he's just so darn cute. His eyes are extremely expressive and his coat is darker than Parker's.

♥ In Honor of Parker 

Then there's the mama's boy....Parker (right). We're determined that he is part dog. He's a natural athlete and chow hound. He fears nothing and nobody. All he wants is to be friends and cuddle 24-7. You can spin him around the floor and he'll simply look up at you like, "really?" However, he will sell his soul for food. Parker unexpectedly passed in January 16, 2018. I do not have the heart to separate his name from Bruce's because they will always to be a pair. 

In Honor of Our Autumn

Minha menina sempre. Autumn is the star of this blog. We love her so much and haven't stopped missing her since her passing on July 3, 2015.

Autumn was and always will be an affectionate and spunky soul. She was a 15 year old stray in need of care who blessed our world. When I moved out, she came along with me. We call her "teensie paws" because they're so small and dainty. She has one helluva purr and wakes up everyday at 5AM screaming for breakfast in her broken smoker's voice. Her sleeping poses are hilarious. She's beautiful.