Sunday, November 2, 2014

Baking Bootcamp: Apple Pie Biscuits

Recently, Joy the Baker and King Arthur Flour paired up to host a "Baking Bootcamp" contest. It was a raffle for some great prizes so I figured oh-what-the-heck. All you had to do was bake the recipe provided, take pictures, and post them to instagram. The winner was selected at random and alas, I was not said person. 

Oh well.

It gave me and a girlfriend an excuse (as if that's really necessary) to bake together on a beautiful Saturday afternoon as well as the opportunity to make a nice sweet treat to share with family. Life is good, homies! 

In terms of the actual recipe, these are easy to bake biscuits loaded with apple-cinnamon-sugar flavor. The filling is apples finely sliced and warmed in a skillet with butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon. They're not the sloppy, gooey type you eat on the side at a barbeque. These are warmed through to let the flavor distribute evenly and make the apples slightly tender.

The actual biscuit is standard issue and I think any buttermilk biscuit recipe would work so don't feel pressured to color between the lines. If you have an awesome buttermilk biscuit, stick to your guns or try something new- it's up to you! I will say, that these are light, fluffy, and mild in order to provide a neutral base for the apple filling. These are not the super buttery biscuits you grab at holidays.

Roll out the dough, cover half in apples, fold like a big calzone, and make a solid brick of dough. Don't worry about each slice looking even and perfect- it's simply not going to happen! There are slivers of apple begging to poke out from the seams. Meh. We'll stick with the adjective "rustic" and feel a little more hipster. 

Brush each individual roll with egg wash and a sprinkle of mixed sugar, cinnamon, and salt. You can easily halve the amount of granulated sugar for this part of the recipe

These biscuits are surprisingly light and seemed to magically float away from the baking sheet and into people's plates. Make them if you're looking to switch things up at brunch or want to put those end of season apples to creative use.

For the recipe, check out Joy the Baker's post for Apple Pie Biscuits! Stay tuned to her blog for upcoming Baking Bootcamp competitions.