Hi! My name is Michele and I'm from the DMV. I enjoy baking/cooking thanks to my family. It is a form of expression- a way to tell someone "I care," "celebrate," or "sit, relax, breathe." I make soup for sick friends and cuss out sketchy apartment ovens when they don't bake lemon bars evenly. At the suggestion of a friend, I took up this blog as a means of sharing my adventures and to try new recipes.
I'm no food stylist. I'm on a budget. And I mess up at times. 

// The Name
"Sqrl" (Squirrel) is a nickname from college and I've never been able to shake it. Long story short- it comes from my animated, jumpy, and slightly shy nature. It was only fitting when a family friend thought up Squirrels-n-Sweets. 

// Life
"There's that light that I forgot that I possessed." Just trying to piece life together and experience it to the fullest. My job doesn't match my personality- it's the typical white collar scene. People consider me artsy, I think I'm more of a space cadet.

Soft spot for all animals-you'll see me change direction in mid-stride if there's a dog across the street that 'needs' to be petted. Nature kid- green is good for the soul. Traveling- expand them horizons. Dancing- can't stop, won't stop. Books- I was a volunteer library aide in elementary school and haven't been able to put them down since.  Music- the universal bond. Creating... expression is a must.

// Love
NamoradoFiancee. Husband! A dream come true. Words cannot express my appreciation and adoration for this man. Laughter, inspiration, and encouragement. Together, we are almost fully functional!

Familia. They're big and I adore them. They got my back and I can always count on them for sage words, a good laugh, or a smack upside the head. Te amo.

Filhos e filha. I am the proud mommy of  an adorable pup and three awesome cats. None of these creatures are normal- their personalities are unique and amusing.

E amigos. The friends are currently all over the world accomplishing big things. I'm proud of all of you.