Cheesecake with Dreamy Strawberry Glaze

It's that time of year again! My annual cheesecake sacrifice for the my brother-from-another-mother, Brandon! He's a picky eater so I love it when his birthday rolls around. Cheesecake is the one sweet treat that will always get his attention. I've tried my hand at a few variations, including White Chocolate Raspberry, No-Bake Nutella with an Oreo Crumble Crust, Pumpkin Spice (a personal favorite), and Japanese Cheesecake. 

Cute Critter Cupcakes

My family loves animals. In the words of my cousin Melissa, "we all get wildly emotional over animals." There are tons of anecdotes - from Tio Mario going vigilante mode and kidnapping a pit-mix from a severe abuse situation (the origin story of the family dog), to Tia Rose jumping into a dumpster when she heard cries from the sole surviving kitten of a litter trapped in a tapped box with no air holes.  There are paw prints all over our hearts- Autumn, Bruce, Parker, Lily, Remi, Madison, Bullet, Jack, Samantha, Tyson, Petey, Bootsie, Bugs, Penelope, and Menina to name a few. My husband likes to tease, "it's something in the water," because it is an inherit trait we share.

"Unicorns I Love Them" Cake

This cutie cake is a special edition that was made for my friend Marisol's birthday. This girl loves everything wild, fantastical, and purple. We're talking spitting fire for fun and rocking full-body pikachu jumpers.The more we have gotten to know each other over the years, the more I knew I needed to make her a unicorn cake. Please note, when you bake this sort of cake - you need to have this song from, "Despicable Me," playing on loop.

Walnut Swiss Roll with Marscapone Filling

It's that time of year again! My mom's birthday is one the highlights of the baking year. I try to woo her with creative confections. Like me, she's not huge on cake so picking the right flavor is critical. My brother noted her current snack of choice is walnuts which is not an ingredient that I usually use in baking sweets. It was sheer luck that I found this recipe for a Walnut Swiss Roll Cake! It was meant to be - the recipe also incorporated two of her other favorite ingredients: espresso and marscapone.

Vanilla Cake with Swiss Buttercream and Raspberry Filling

This Vanilla Cake with Swiss Buttercream was made for my girlfriend's niece's birthday party. It's always fun to collaborate with her because we have different styles. Flor is bold and fierce - she originally wanted neon shades which was like scratching a record in my brain. I love muted tones and my favorite color is gray - super fun, right? Needless to say, Flor can push me out of my comfort zone and it's awesome  Thanks lady!