The Great American Bake Sale

Share Our Strength had its Great American Bake Sale this weekend! I worked with fellow foodie bloggers in the Washington D.C. team! Our location was the Eastern Market, a food and craft fair held on the weekends. You can find anything under the sun here, from necklaces to homemade salsa. The D.C. team did our best and had fun while we were at it. Thanks to Coleen for organizing! We raised over $600! Woo hoo!

The only con was the location of the table: the sidewalk. We were not in the heart of the Market- we were on the outskirts. Not exactly prime real estate. What started with Dskco waving her arm's in a "star burst" motion to generate attention turned into hours of yelling in the middle of the street and pointing to the Bake Sale.

We had some help from a sweet Yorkie named Athena that no one could resist petting! We even had doggie treats to hand out. I definitely exploited this... I am a huge animal lover.

I baked three items:

  1. Black Bottom Cupcakes
  2. Cherry-Coconut Bars (soon to be posted)
  3. Perfect Chocolate Cake

My intention was to bring some Sweet Potato-Hazelnut Cupcakes... but I will tell that adventure in a few blogs. The food came out okay- had stress and love in it. My oven and patience did its best in one night.

I was excited to try other people's food too. Delicious pound cake from Dskco, sunshine filled lemon cupcakes from FoodieTots, and so much more. Moo ha ha!

Good Food for a Good Cause. That's what's up.