Mineola, NY

My cousin Steven's wedding was last weekend. Salude to him and his lovely wifey! It was a really great time and a joy to see my family. Out of the entire family, we're the only ones in VA. You can imagine how special the time is when I do get to see them. Sometimes I wished I was up there to have more of an influence on my younger cousins and help out with babysitting.

After the church ceremony, we had some time to kill. So my brother, cousin Mikey, and I decided to hit up our usual bakery in Mineola: Baker's of All Nations. Now... I don't know why they call it this because it's not really multicultural. It's Portuguese pastries and probably the best you're going to find in Long Island. My heart will always belong to Riviera in New Wark, NJ.

It wouldn't be a real Portuguese pastry store if it didn't have Pastel de Nata. Nata refers to things made of egg. These are a trademark desert and they're tricky to make. It's hard to find a place that makes them well. It's the pastry shell that's difficult. My brother tried to make it once and he cheated by using store bought pastry shell.

Back in college, a good friend of mine was home sick. He grew up in Hong Kong. On a whim, I dropped off a Pastel de Nata after a weekend home. As soon as he saw it, he could not stop grinning. Apparently- these are called Egg Tarts in Hong Kong. Good food know no bounds.

So if you're ever in Mineola, check it out!

Bakers of All Nations

54 East Jericho Turnpike
Mineola, NY 11501-3141
(516) 294-4034