Fourth of July Weekend 2010

Happy Birthday Susana and Pops! Those fireworks were for you, just like every year! I spent the 4th of July weekend out in Wildwood, NJ. My brother-in-law is super awesome and landed us a free stay at his client's timeshare. I didn't know what to expect of the house but it turned out to be hella cute. It has two floors with 4 bedrooms. The decor was clean and cute, nothing over the top cliche. Not too small, not too big- just right for what we needed.

Highlights: fishing expeditions failed. We caught nothing and had a hard time finding a good spot. I rocked the mini put-put scene. Beach was hot as hell with refreshing frigid waters. The actual 4th of July festivities had some of the best fireworks displayed I've seen in person. There was not a lot of 'fist pumping' (some TV reference the Saim boys kept making) but there were plenty of Irish flags. Must be something about the community in that area. The board walk is always busy and there are a few decent spots to grab a bite.

As for food. Tonito brought a leitao (roast pig) served with delicious molho (black pepper, salt, fat). This is traditionally served with sliced oranges lightly dusted in sugar. I made some monkey bread for breakfast the next morning. Round 2 of dinner was ribs and tenderloin, served with rice and beans. Tons of garlic! Jalapenos here and there. Dessert was a yummy peach tart that I made just for Susana! I will post the recipe tomorrow.

The final breakfast was a team effort. I made the eggs, Susana made French toast, and Olga rocked the bacon. There was plenty of fresh fruit on the side. My kind of morning. We spent the entire day at the beach, relaxing, swimming, and reading.

Before we left for VA, we enjoyed dinner at this great restaurant called Dog Tooth. If you are ever in this area- you must go to this spot. The food was spectacular. There was spicy shrimp, macaroni-n-cheese with crab meat, mahi-mahi fish tacos, kobe burgers, and more. The mixed drinks were yummy. I highly recommend the pina calada mixed with strawberry. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.

This was defintly a side of New Jersey I've never seen. I'm used to Newark for the bakeries and food shopping. It never made sense to be called 'the Garden State.' Driving through, there's a whole lot more country than I thought. Wildwood is nice spot to visit for it's bumpin boardwalk and clean beaches.

Thanks for a great weekend Zana!