Puppies! Yah you hurd me.

One of life's greatest joys is when a dog sees you coming and wants to say hello. Their eyes light up with pure joy. The tail starts wagging. They make a big goofy smile. The love is unconditional- you didn't earn it- you didn't ask for it- but it is naturally there. Warms my soul every time because someone is as happy to see me, as I am to see them.

Pan is currently in the market for a Jack Russell, besides Jack. For educational purposes (and my own nutty joy), we took a trip to Roundtop, VA to visit a JR breeder (they are not for show). It was his idea... I just wanted to stalk puppies.

The ride up was... interesting. We saw a few general stores, really nice houses, ridiculous yards, horses, and even a few alpacas (whose fence shocked me when I got too close). Some of the towns were super quaint and others were very boojie. Thank you google maps for a beautiful and 'scenic route.' No paved roads were a nice touch. Oh well, at least the boy had fun pretending to be a rally driver.

After we managed to navigate over the river and through the woods... We pulled up to a large, isolated farm. A pang of nervousness struck- for some reason the middle of the country has that effect on me. It quickly melted when I heard a puppy bark somewhere in the distance. He walked ahead of me and got to the front porch. He turned, looked at me, and cheesed real big.

Tons of puppies. All over the front porch. There was a litter of 5 week olds and another of 6 week olds. Out of this huge group, only 8 were left for adoption. The breeder holds onto the puppies until they are at least 8 weeks old to make sure they're healthy, happy, and well socialized with other dogs. Most of them wiggled over to say hi, some were too lazy and slept right through the visit.

And of course...I somehow managed to find a 'favorite.' Her name was Janet and she loved my flip flop. The craters in my shoe are proof! I wouldn't let just anyone mess up my favorite pair of flip flops.

Alas, the puppy mission has to wait until next year. His current living situation does not permit a puppy easily but it was nice to learn more about the breed and what it takes to raise one. I cannot wait for the day he comes home with a Jack Russell pup! I plan on getting a dog at a shelter... they will rock and bandanna and be my side kick.

Sigh, one day... you'll come home with me puppy.