In With The Good

Hello 2011. Please be good to us all.

2010 was a roller coaster. There was love, growth, accomplishment, adventure, and inspiration. I went to Costa Rica with some of the best friends a person could ask for. Dance persevered, from the video shoot for On Beat, to my class pulling off their recital miraculously. Sulava got married, Jess had the baby, Nei went to California, Anna got into med school, and Autumn joined our family. I took a couple certification classes and the apartment hunt commenced. Baked up a storm. Blessings and thanks.

For all the sunshine, there must be rain to remind the self to be grateful, treat others with respect, and never stop fighting. Lessons in humility and heartache (P1). We must endure. Why? I'm not quite sure why. But my soul tells me so. I ask for strength to conquer 2011 and live life to the fullest. People tend to 'just say that.' Shake them. Wake them up. Don't miss out. That's why 'if' is right at the heart of LIFE.

Special shout out to my boy Dr. Ha as he prepares to leave the US for England to study medicine. I'm happy I got to ring in the New Year at the side of one of my dearest friends. Yummy ghetto Chinese food, my tiny shot glass, and everyone getting lost on the metro. Sounds about right. Don't worry, the Atlantic aint got shit on us. Make room on that couch! I'm coming to visit in 2011!

Happy New Year