Sneak Peek Into Heart Cupcakes!

Soooo.... there is still no internet up and running in the new digs. That's okay. Everyone remain calm. God bless my smart phone. I never in a million years thought I would say such a thing.

Here's a sneak peek for my next post, which hopefully will be going down this weekend. Come on Verizon! These cupcakes are just full of heart. Literally. Well, sort of literally.

At first you see a normal, good ol fashioned cupcake.

Cut them down the middle just right and voila... a hella cute cupcake expressing what you feel inside. I made these for valentine's day but I think they would rock for any occasion.

People. Just THINK of the combinations. Take your FAVORITE cupcake...Chocolate, vanilla, whatever... and you can either make the heart mix on the side or just utilize your batter (if it's a light colored one that will take the food coloring). I'm seeing chocolate cupcakes with purple hearts already.

I'll finish this post ASAP. Promise!

Till the next episode!