The Summer of Food Trucks: Truckeroo in DC!

What is a food truck? It's exactly what it sounds like- a meal on wheels. They park in popular areas of DC and people come flocking. Pretty slick guys. And tasty!

Most of these elusive food trucks have twitter accounts that announce their location throughout the day. There are also websites that do all the stalking for you.

Or. You can simply check out Truckeroo.

Truckeroo is a festival for food trucks! From June to October, 20-25 food trucks will be in one location from 11am- 9pm! Peep the Truckeroo website for a list of all the vendors. My girlfriend Marie dropped this bit of information on me and we went to check it out!

Some helpful information....

1irst: take the metro. Metered parking is confusing and the signs (as usual) contradict one another. It's located on the corner of half street and M street SE. The closest metro stop is the Navy Yard Metro Station.

2econd: don't forget your ID! This is for people 21 and up only because of the booze.

3hird: admission is FREE, all you pay for is what you eat and drink.

4ourth: bring the homies. There was a ton of people there in the evening. I was in line for an hour for one item. Your best bet is to split up as a team! Person 1 goes to Truck A, Person 2 goes to Truck B, etc etc and then you all share. This way, everyone can have a taste of everything there is to offer.

The atmosphere was very laid back. Seating is provided, which was a nice touch. There was a live band and all walks of life. Some even brought their dogs... which I promptly followed in hopes of an opportunity to pet them.

Since we got there a lil late, we went with the fastest moving line: Wonky. Mega hot dogs, served with fries on top, in a huge roll for $6.00. It was really tasty- but way too big for one 5'3 female. The roll was super thick- I think to avoid drippage. They had ketchup, mustard, and sriracha on hand. They also sold grill cheese sandwichs and an assortment of whoopie pies.

Marie went to a vendor I've already had: Big Cheese. She was impressed. It may be a lil more $ then you'd expect to pay for a grilled cheese samich- but they're delicious! Fancy cheese with caramelized onions... yes please.

Our friend who was raised on Ethiopian food was disappointed with the Ethiopian truck, Fojol brothers. He said the meat was way too spicy to be authentic. The only thing they had right was the sour dough bread.

All in all, it was a super fun time. If you're looking for a group adventure- be sure to check it out!