Wanted: A Warm Home for Kittens

It is with great joy and a heavy heart I introduce two of the world's finest kittens: Chamo-O (ying yang) and Kit Kat (icee).

Last year, we began volunteering with animal non-profits in hopes of helping those in need and enriching our own lives with positivity. The boy and I both have soft spots for animals, though truthfully he's more of a dog person. I'm an equal opportunity lover of living things (well minus most bugs... and sharks...). We hitched our wagon to Homeward Trails and got the idea to be a foster home. There's a guest bed room upstairs that is rarely used- why not turn it into "kitty hotel?" It's better than forcing an innocent animal to live in a cage. Last week, we received our first assignment: a pair of 7 month old brother's from the DC Petmac location. We were told that they were cuties. Talk about false advertisement...

They are so much more than that.

They are 2 beautiful souls.

Chamo-O's adoption name is ying yang- take a wild guess why.  Every time you pick him, he says "hello" by slamming his adorable face into yours in a funny "kiss punch." He is initially a reserved gentleman that's cautious and curious. It doesn't take long for him to want to play and bask in attention. We called him Oreo until one night, we heard the strangest soft sing-song sound. It was the cat, meowing at curtains. He sounded like a whale! We jokingly called him "Shamu." It turned into "Shamu-Oreo" which sounds like the Portuguese word Chamo: you call me. With that, he became Chamo-O. "You Call Me O."

And then there's this little guy... Kit Kat, known as icee. Where they came up with icee is beyond me- there's nothing cold about him. Maybe that's the joke? This guy is so sweet it will give you diabetes. It doesn't matter what you're doing, he will climb into your lap and cover you with kisses. Literally. He was weened from his mother too early and find's comfort in suckling your arm. I've seen cuddly creatures- but this brown kitty takes the cake. We like to say he's training for the Kitty Olympics high jump division cuz boy has ups.

They are a joint package as they are brothers and were raised together. It would be too cruel to separate them at this point. They are very low maintenance. They are playful, cuddly, chill, and in great health. They have been raised as house cats so no outdoors! Remember, they're only 7 months old and agile so you need to kitten proof the house.
If you're interested in adopting them, check out their page: YingYang & Icee

Please do not hesitate to contact myself or Homeward Trails if you have any questions.

PS Happy Anniversary to the love of my life! Many more to come- you're my inspiration and heart.