Lemony Banana Olive Oil Bread

Bananas are the best. They're delicious naked.. they're delicious baked... they're delicious mashed. Banana pie. Banana muffins. Banana Fosters. Seriously, you cannot go wrong with a banana. The flavor is gentle and natural. 

This recipe from 101 Cookbooks pushes the innate banana capability to its max. The title alone made my head tilt to the side: lemons, bananas, and olive oil? Olive oil and lemon would make sense as a savory bread. I'd sprinkle some sea salt on top. Mmm, yum! I never would have thought to use banana and chocolate chips.

That's the beauty of the kitchen. There are infinite possibilities if you're open to trying new things. We grew up with a traditional meal for every holiday and special occasion so I am all about being daring.  Plus! Mike's mom bought me fancy olive oil for Christmas (thank you so much) from Ah Love Olive Oil and Vinegar!

The verdict?

Well. On the initial bite you notice the incredible moist texture thanks to the banana and olive oil. The sweetness of the chips make your nose crinkle with delight. Then the taste begins to settle. Some people could really taste the olive oil- others were more focused on the banana. It really is not your average bread and I greatly enjoyed it... except for one tiny detail.

There's a glaze that accompanies this bread. It's comprised of dark muscavado/brown sugar with lemon. This combination must be an acquired taste cuz let me tell yah... there was no way in hell it was going on top of this bread. You be the judge.. try it first.

The sole addition I made was the oats on top. They're not necessary, I just couldn't resist because I have a hard wired association with oats and bread.

Be daring.

Make Lemony Banana Olive Bread! Recipe from 101 Cookbooks.