Quick Cinnamon Apple Buns with Cinnamon Icing {no yeast}

It's a Monday. Send this recipe to your significant other, room mate, cohabitant, sibling, parent, dog, cat- whomever- and ask them to make you these cinnamon apple buns. You've earned it. Like I said... it's a Monday.

These cinnamon buns were a must try because there is something utterly magical about them: there is no yeast. How can you have a cinnamon bun without the YEAST? No sacrificial 2 hours of rising time in exchange for that doughy goodness? That's absurd.

As it would turn out, this is a fun cheat cheat when you want cinnamon buns and don't have the luxury of time. They have all the essentials: cinnamon, sugar, that signature roll, delicious icing, and gooey warmth. The brown sugar slightly caramelizes in the pan. 

I cannot IMAGINE these "rolls" without the honey crisp apple and pecans. They really shone through and added delicious dimension! The apples give moisture and the pecans add richness. I was a little out of control with the pecans.

When you get down to it though... they are not the traditional cinnamon bun.  As stated, they are a fun cheat-cheat which does not take away from their deliciousness. Just a little different. The "dough" is very thick because it's not going to expand. The buns can be eaten straight out of the pan because the texture is very cake like. 

Yeast or no yeast, these cinnamon buns are yummy, easy to make, quick, and comforting. They are best served the day they are made, when they are hot and gooey. Serve with ice cream if you're feeling extra naughty and nestle down like Autumn in a blanket.