Engagement Party & Fancy Cake

A friend said the other day, you know you're getting old when your friends get pregnant on purpose. That gave me a little chuckle because it holds some truth. We're growing up guys! 

Congratulations to Megan and Cody on their recent engagement! No, she's not preggers! They're in love. Watching these two goofballs interact, you cannot help but get the warm fuzzies. He is always making her laugh and she loves listening to his thoughts. They're really an adorable couple and I wish them nothing but the best. They met overseas in China while teaching English. From there, it was clear they were made for each other.

In celebration, we attempted a surprise engagement party. That quickly fell apart due to rush hour traffic for some attendees and that the guests of honor showing up an hour early. Hey man, we tried. Ashley did a fantastic job hosting. She even had an artist come do henna.

I volunteered to make the cake and whipped this up. Don't hate me... but I used chocolate cake mix from the box. It was right after work and I had to make 2 other cakes that same weekend! The goal of this cake was to LOOK beautiful- no need to fret over perfecting flavor since nobody was sure the happy couple's preference. Can't go wrong with chocolate!

The frosting is a standard issue butter cream from I am Baker with a dash of green. Throw in some frosting pearls for a touch of class. All together, it was a super sugary cake! Use a flavor to balance out the sugaryness of the frosting like devil's food cake.

And if you're looking for a hella cute engagement party idea, look real close at mini cupcakes. Ashley adorned them with little fake rings from the party store!

To learn how to make the butter cream and rose frosting, check out I am Baker's post.