The Little "Gold Syrup" Cake

Let the trumpet's sound! It's Friday and the weather in Northern VA is stunning! If you're looking for something to do, we'll be hitting up The Blended art exhibit in DC tonight. Here's a small blurb about what to expect:
"Blended brings the worlds of street art and graphic design together in a collision of music, art, and paint fumes at a soon-to-be-demolished warehouse in Shaw. DJ’s will move the dance floor while local and national street and graffiti artists paint their ephemeral work on the building’s industrial surfaces. Dance, drink, and mingle in the Montana Gold at this benefit for Albus Cavus’s community and youth workshop efforts."
After a night on the town, it's nice to come home to something comforting, and nummy. I highly recommend this Gold Syrup cake. It's easy to make, super quick, and basic.

There is one small hitch- you have to have Gold Syrup! I suspect it could be substituted with honey or pancake syrup but don't hold me to it. I've never even heard of Gold Syrup until Always with Butter. When I ran across some at Society Fair, I knew I had to try this cake.

The syrup has a lovely amber color and it's sweeter than molasses. It's thick and messy so be careful when you scoop it out. The flavor is light. I am happy that the can isn't very big because other than this cake, I don't know what to make with it! Fortunately, this cake is a definite keeper so the syrup will not be going to waste!

This is first time where I feel like I understand what it means to be "rustic." There is no baking soda or baking powder in the recipe. It doesn't really rise. I wouldn't characterize it as moist and fluffy. It's kind of dense! There's some weight to it and just a small slice is satisfying. This would be the perfect tea cake. The texture is hard to explain- it doesn't fall apart but it has a slight crumb feeling.

What really makes this cake is the frosting. This is one of the few buttercreams I've actually eaten out of the bowl. It's banger. Something about the Golden Syrup balances out that butter flavor for me. It's super light and fluffy and I LOVED how it draped over the cake. In combination, this cake and frosting are unstoppable. I love to add little crunchy pearls for texture on top. Decorate as desired!

My favorite thing though is the portion... this is a 6 inch round cake. Perfect for our tiny household. I hate food going to waste and this was a warm and beautiful treat to have around on the weekend. 

To taste test, the boys gave it a shot after a long day of dancing. You'll want a tall glass of milk and a comfy chair to relax in! When I went to check on how much we ate in the morning the plate didn't lie. This cake is delicious.

For the recipe, check out Always With Butter's fantastic post!