Black Bottom Cupcakes (again!)

Happy 4th of July everybody! As flattered as I am that you're looking at this post- stop! Go find a bbq and some cold beverages. Drink plenty of water because it's hot out there.  If you're like me though... whipping up some monkey bread for dinner at my sister's house... you may want to check out these black bottom cupcakes. 

Yes, I have posted black bottom cupcakes before but this is slightly different recipe that I liked much more than the previous post. I am a bit of a black bottom cupcake snob because they are, without a doubt, my favorite cupcake in the whole wide world. ESPECIALLY the ones Starbucks used to serve. 

I noticed these exquisite cupcakes via Pinterest. They looked stunning but prior recipes have given me mixed results. Upon reading the directions, it was stated that these are fail proof. And you know what? They are. Very impressive! The chocolate cake is not overly sweet nor overpowering. Topped with (the best part) the cream cheese, it's a match made in heaven. MAN these cupcakes are freaking good.

The slight alteration of this recipe versus my first Black Bottom Cupcake post is in the cream cheese filling. There's a little less sugar (1/4 as opposed to 1/3) and less chocolate chips (6 ounces versus 1 cup). I'm all about as little sugar as possible in any confection!

For the recipe, check out Margarita Stewart's post!