SoCal Quinoa and Cranberry Portein Plate

I live with a man who loves art, dancing, video games, nature, family, and a good bbq. In short- he is perfect, even in his imperfections. He is a surprisingly healthy eater, with the occasional Oreo binge and soda splurge. He is open to hearing me out on new recipes and will give it at least one try. Well. We are working on fish. You cannot date an Iberian and not at least try to like fish.

While going through my favorite cookbook (you guessed it, Pretty Delicious), his eyes lit up on the most unexpected entry: a salad. A meal consisting entirely of leaves? What's the catch here? Ah ha! Protein!

This dish is packed full of awesome nutrients! Plus, it's vegan friendly. The protein comes from quinoa and tofu; there is a sweet factor with diced up bits of dried cranberry; chopped almonds add dimension; and the dressing is a family favorite (olive oil and vinegar) with a touch of honey. Dress it up however you like! I found it very filling because of the quinoa and it kept me coming back for more. He kept it as a side to the main course.

For the recipe, check out Pretty Delicious or scope out similar recipes on The Stiletto Chef!