Rhubarb and Chocolate Cake

I would like to start this post with a simple proclamation: make this cake.

See what happened was... there was some confusion with memory cards and I accidentally deleted the pictures that go with this post (banging head on keyboard). A few were salvaged and that's what we're going to work with! Don't let these "eh" pictures deter you from making this incredible cake. It's so delicious that I feel it's my duty to post about it as soon as possible, regardless of aesthetics. 

For those that read this blog... you are aware of my mad love for rhubarb. In the beginning, I snubbed it as a fancy foodie fad. I finally caved when I saw Lara Ferroni's Rhubars. I am grateful every day that I discovered the treat that is rhubarb.

The beauty of this vegetable is it can be paired with just about anything, including savory dishes. I recently made an excellent puree with rhubarb and dried cherries on top of pork chops. However. There is one ingredient I never imagined going with rhubarb: chocolate. That would be like lemon and chocolate which (in my opinion) sounds gross. Please forgive my naivety, I am discovering new possibilities in the kitchen every day!

When I saw this chocolate and rhubarb cake on 1 Big Bite, my head tilted to the side. F'real? If you had suggested this cake to me, I would have said no way. Seeing it though... there was something absolutely alluring. The center of the cake looks like bread pudding. The texture screamed soft and moist. In the name of rhubarb, I'll give anything at least a chance.

As anticipated- this cake is beautiful and addictive. If there is one word I could use to describe it, it's "moist." The batter incorporates Greek yogurt which ensures that moisture is locked into every bite, it's kind of like using sour cream (which can be used as a substitute).  It doesn't fluff up; it compresses into a light yet thick cake.

I didn't use the full amount of sugar because I didn't want it to be overly sweet with sugar in the batter plus the chocolate chips plus a dusting of confectioner's sugar. 5 ounces of chocolate chips seemed like more than enough for a 9 inch round pan. I would even be willing to try it without the chips!

There is a good chunk of rhubarb incorporated (about 4 stalks). The natural juices exude in the warm oven and into the cake so that every forkful is filled with melt-in-your-mouth rhubarb. It has that slight tartness that makes the bits of chocolate all the sweeter.

Thank you 1 Big Bite for opening to my eyes to yet another rhubarb wonder!

For the recipe, please click here!