Skinny Pad Thai

Is it bad that our current TV fix is The Cosby Show? Yeaaa boiee! We're already up to season 3- the one with the crazy salsa music in the theme song. I need doses of wholesome content that real life doesn't necessarily provide. For example, last night leaving the grocery store parking lot, a little blonde middle school girl seated in the passenger side of her mommy's car flicked me off at the intersection. Apparently my stop wasn't up to her standards. I wanted to bust a U-turn and say something to her mother, then realized she probably got those manners from her. Charming.

Yes indeedy, I NEED shows like Cosby. It's a little treat to look forward to. I love it when we get home after work. Kick off my shoes. Put on the radio (yes, the radio not ipod). And immediately start to cook something yummy, like this Lite Shrimp Pad Thai. Mike hovers around and helps, or knows to get out of the way and plays video games in the living room. It's very soothing. Then we get to plop on the couch, unwind, and watch an episode. The good life, no?

This recipe is an adaption of Candice Kumai's Skinny Pad Thai. The key difference is she uses firm tofu (heck yes) and mine uses shrimp. I didn't have peas on hand so I substituted with edamame which I think paired well. Oh, and no almonds in my version either- just slightly toasted, unsalted peanuts and a few crushed in the food processor as garnish. I've always associated pad thai with peanuts.

Note: If you want to substitute with shrimp or any other meat for that matter, be sure to halve the amount of tomato paste and soy sauce, so 1 1/2 tablespoons instead of 3. If you don't, it will kind of taste like Asian spaghetti. The tofu helps absorb and disperse the paste, you only want a thin coat. I used the full amount and found it too much without the tofu.

My favorite part was cooking the egg in sesame oil instead of olive oil. Ooo man so good! Mike was pleading for more egg but I stuck to the book. Make adaptations as your tummy see's fit! Leave out the egg and you got a vegan dish. This recipe satisfies the craving for thai food and you can feel good about making healthy food choices. 

For the Candice's version, just click here.

Have a fantastic weekend. Sleep in late, wear fuzzy slippers around the house, treat yourself to yummy coffee (Caribou here we come!), take a long walk, live in the present, and seriously, bump this track.