Curry In a Hurry

This recipe is fantastic! It's super quick, versatile, and most importantly- delicious. There are many different kinds of curry but I have found this to be my favorite one to make at home. The base is simply coconut milk and curry paste. 

You can find curry paste in the "Asian" section of your local grocery store. The original recipe suggests green curry paste but that never seems to be in stock, so we went with our usual red. It all depends on your preference. Green tends to be spicier and paired with eggplants, bamboo shoots, etc. Red curry winds up with peppers and onions. At least that's the trend that I have seen- don't lie to me Thai restaurants. 

Honestly, the last time I made this recipe, it included boiled red potatoes so don't feel limited by the recipe.  Use what's available in the salad bar if you're running short on time. Spice it up! I cook the base with red pepper flakes. Anything goes!

This meal is actually brought to you by Tropical Storm Sandy. We were very lucky in Virginia. Our house didn't lose power. In a recent trip to New York (trust me, it was not for happy reasons), we saw the ramifications all over Long Island. The gas lines were ridiculous and I felt very blessed to have a family that would never leave us hanging. Muito obrigada Tia Rose e Tio John, te amo. It's hard to believe a storm in the states could cause such damage. Please offer assistance if you're able.

With a simple grocery list and 15 minutes, you too can enjoy this warm and comforting meal. The only "modification" I made was a little less water because Mike likes his curry thick. It still wasn't "thick" enough, so I am going to try reducing the coconut milk next time to concentrate the flavor.  And honestly, this recipe could not come at a better time. Life's been busy. That doesn't mean you have to sacrifice dinner.

Serve with/without ride or bread if you need them carbs.

For the recipe, check out 101cookbooks!