Wedding Planning: The Cupcake War

By the time our wedding planning is finalized, my mother is going to kick me. She's an amazing woman with the patience of a saint, hence her ability to raise me. I grew up in the same culture my grandmother raised her own daughters overseas. It was a tough code, but in retrospect, I understand and respect it. For example, during college, co-ed living situations were common. I asked if it was cool to rent an apartment with two male friends. Her response: "Excuse me? Does this look like 'Three's Company?'" Point goes to mom. Over the years, we have become a hybrid of old and new world. 

What hasn't changed, however, is her opinion on weddings. There is a formula. Thou shalt not deviate from the formula. This includes the church ceremony, transportation, food, and oh yes... a white wedding cake. 

Uh oh. 

Mike and I have opted out of the traditional wedding cake. They tend to be too gawdy, plain, or expensive. Plus, I hate fondant which is what's used for the majority of wedding cakes. Guests should bite in and love every aspect.  

Our response to this baker's dilemma: have guests pick their cupcake flavor on the invitations to create a cupcake tower. We've started the hunt for the perfect cupcake shop! Pictured above is our most recent trip to Buzz Bakery. Sad to say, we were not impressed. The shop itself is HELLA cute and there are lots of highschool students studying. It's family friendly and has a great variety of sweets.  Baked and Wired is at the top of the list and we even took a family trip there for a tasting. Mom's still working on liking this cupcake idea!

So. Who do you think reigns supreme in the cupcake scene? All feedback is appreciated! Thank you and have a great weekend!

PS. Art work by Mike. Check out his freelance art blog, that he never updates (kiss kiss)!