Travel Treats: Charleston, WV Edition

Over the past few months, Mike and I have traveled a bit for what I guess what you would call mini-vacations. We are masters of making the most of a weekend and these short indulgences have led us to some local treasures. This post highlights the venues that stood out on a recent trip to Charleston, WV. Make sure you check them out if you're ever in the area! I hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

West Virginia- Wild and Wonderful!

Moxxee Coffee
301 Morris St
Charleston, WV 25301
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The bittersweet thing about trying food and drinks in "far off lands" is if you should fall in love with one. It is with a heavy heart that I found my favorite latte is about 5 hours away at cool cafe called Moxxee Coffee. Their honey latte (first picture in this post) will knock your socks off and the biscottis are as big as a child's arm. The barista's are all on top of their game (via professional training and state of the art espresso machines) and every cup has been perfecto. The atmosphere is very hip and the crowd as diverse as it comes in Charleston. 

photo courtesy of Pies and Pints
Pies and Pints
222 Capitol Street
Charleston, WV 25301
The first time I visited West Virginia, my sister took us out to a native pizza joint called Pies and Pints. I didn't really think too much of it considering it was pizza. Now it's a mandatory meal every time we're in town. Mike was stunned by the amazing flavors and variety on the menu. The Cuban Pork Pie is incredible! I pray they consider expanding their business to Northern VA!

They recently opened a shop in the heart of Charleston and while prepping the space, discovered a white elephant mural! Instead of painting over it, they cleaned it up and it's proudly on display. I think this is a really neat piece of the building's history and am glad it's being preserved. Good job Pies and Pints!

photo courtesy of Sarah's Bakery
Sarah's Bakery
1011 Bridge Rd
Charleston, WV 25314
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(304) 343-2253

The pie at Sarah's Bakery is dangerous. People order in advanced because they know that they sell as quickly as they are put on display. Highly recommend the apple crumb pie! This is the go-to spot if you're looking for that old school bakery dessert. They have everything under the sun, from cookies to cupcakes. They're genuine and know their stuff. 

But let me tell you... get the pie! 

Nougat: Maison du Chocolate
1026 Bridge Road
Charleston, WV 
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On a gray and rainy day, my sister took me to a new hot spot: Nougat! It is a Maison du Chocolate! This stunning shop is run by the sweetest lady who originates from Lebanon. Her passion for good chocolate shines through as she hands out samples and insights. It's truly a gem! 

Plus, they make the best chocolate arrangements for all occasions. I had a custom order as gifts for the Bridal Shower! Even over the phone, they went beyond helpful and sent pictures to make sure it was exactly what we wanted. Thank you so much Nougat! 

Tudor's Biscuit World
Locations all over WV
1506 East Washington Street
Charleston, WV 25305

The ultimate guilty pleasure... Tudor's Biscuit World is a chain that can be found all over West Virginia. Their focus is biscuit based sandwichs. Health junkies, don't even think about it! This chain is the reason nutritional information is not posted on restaurant menus- they were afraid it would deter customers. The biscuits are the highlight of this meal