No Bake Chocolate Ganache and Oreo Tartlette

Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words. It's an arrow straight to the heart- there's no room for imagination. Pause.  This is Bun, the Hus-Bun.  I believe that there are some pictures that you immediately understand; the picture articulates what you feel in that very instant. You could sit in silence and revel in the small chill from the chemical reaction that your body just experienced.

Or, you could jump around for joy and scream, "I WANT."

Now granted, this isn't exactly what I did when Michele showed me this recipe.  On the contrary, I had a more "negative" reaction.  A tart?  An OREO Tart???  What the heck is a "tarlette?" Umm.  Yeah, these additions didn't really vibe well with my high strung Oreo addiction.  You could say I am a purist, and even though she has done a phenomenal job with all of the Oreo creations she has made for me in the past, by words alone, I wasn't too excited about an Oreo tart.  

That is why ladies and gentlemen, she is a great cook and baker, and I draw pretty peekchurs.  She looked at the image and instantly saw its value.  I looked at it and saw Mac and Cheese sprinkled with A1 sauce.  I like these two things, I just didn't think that they would go together.  

Boy oh boy, was I terribly wrong, terribly, terribly wrong.

I crept in the kitchen and was fascinated by the process.  She let me taste the filling; it was at that moment that I realized I was in trouble. I have a horrible sweet tooth and this was the exact right level of sweetness. It was rich in all the right ways. The chocolate filling ("ganache") was strong but not an immediate punch in the mouth. The texture and taste were smooth, not exactly the word I associate with a desert such as this. Plus, if you want to lure adorable feral beasts into your house, make this tart. It had that much magnetism- even Autumn wanted to check it out.  

This tart has shown me one thing:  I still have much to learn about food and its appeal when developing fusion dishes.  However, I am extremely grateful at the fact that I have someone who is willing to teach me.  Someone who is kind and sweet and oh so smooth in the kitchen.  So remember, while looking for recipes out there in the wild west of the internet, keep an open mind. You never know what amazing treats will catch you by surprise.

For this extremely decadent recipe, check out La Receta de La Felicidad. It's quick, easy, and well worth the calories! Just make sure you have some milk on deck!