Make it Knock 2

Kali Gandaki River
It's a drizzly day here in Northern Virginia; we're approaching a three day weekend and the traffic reflects the sense of absenteeism. The lack of focus puts my mind into a more relaxed place. It's a pleasant reminder that's it's okay to dream. 

Pun Hill
September marks a month of hustle. On the docket, there's Indianapolis, New York, and Portugal. That's just how the timing worked out but it should be a nice exhaustion filled with new vistas and familiar faces. It's such a blessing to be able to travel and stumble upon inspirations.

As I float on clouds, I thought I'd post another "Make It Knock." It's just a few jams that help me melt into the chair and enjoy a luke-warm cup of coffee. 

The incredible photographs in this post are courtesy of a former co-worker, Mark Fabiano, who worked in the Peace Corps during his youth.  He was assigned to Nepal, a country and time that he fell madly in love with. The intent is provide a bit of awe to your daily grind. Thank you for sharing these pictures, Mark. 

The above photograph brings a smile; I love this man's hat and stance. Can you imagine waking up to this view as the norm? It's incredible to peer into another time, another place through someone else's eyes but feel strangely familiar. 


Here are a few tracks that are on the playlist today. I hope that you enjoy! Try listening to the song before watching the music video. It's selfish but I enjoy deciphering what it's about rather than being told. It gives an entirely different quality. Hooray for upcoming holidays and imagination!

1\\ The Cinematic Orchestra- To Build a Home
2\\ Telepopmusik- Brighton Beach
3\\ Blue & Exile- O Heaven
4\\ Laura Reed & Deep Pocket- Happy
5\\ Dudley Perkins- Flowers
6\\ Céu- Grains de Beauté
7\\ Emily King- Down
8\\ Jesee Boykins III- B4 The Night is Thru
9\\ Blue Sky Black Death- Away With Me