Monday, October 7, 2013

Honey Pumpkin Cookies

Living in Northern VA, we have spent the past week closely watching the government shutdown and wondering, "what next?" It has not impacted our household yet even though the husband and I are both government contractors. While enjoying dinner at Los Tios, we could not help but overhear rowdy tables of furloughed employees making light of the situation and enjoying beers with their neighbors. Some are taking this shutdown in stride, anticipating a pay check in the end, and enjoying the unplanned holiday. My mind wandered worrying about those who literally can't afford this state of mind.

I will keep my political opinions to myself and simply state that I hope there is a resolution. Soon.

The kitchen has always provided a place of solace from the crazy world outside. Having to focus closely on the task at hand helps one to be in the "now." That sounds like some hippy shit, right? It's true though. When you're engrossed in an activity, there's no space for all the extra stuff floating in your head. It's not a distraction; quite the contrary! The extra stuff is usually hypothetical and future-centric that hasn't or may not even happen. Enjoy what's in front of you... like the smell of vanilla and cinnamon. 

These Honey Pumpkin Cookies are easy to make and pleasure to eat. Let me start by clarifying that there is no actual pumpkin involved. As Averie Cooks notes, baking with pumpkin tends to create a more cake-like confection and pumpkin in itself is not particularly flavorful. What we associate with pumpkin is a combination of spices: cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and allspice. Add a little brown sugar and honey and you're on to something down right dangerous. 

These cookies are incredibly moist and addictive. Mine did not come out quite as fluffy as the recipe details but I think I was slacking a little on the flour. Regardless, they were happily devoured!  Hooray for fall and all that magic that it brings!

For the full recipe, check out Averie Cooks!