Friday, January 24, 2014

The Chefs of Broke Lemons: Oreo Chocolate Cake

Cake, cake, cake! Never has there been such a delightful dessert that brings a multitude of people together. The beauty of cake is that it can also be used as a tasteful way to show friends and loved ones how much you really appreciate them. There is nothing like a great combination of ingredients or people that work so well together. One of those combinations is Michele and Mike. 

In order to show our appreciation of them, Yen baked an Oreo cake for our first featured post on Michele's deliciously appetizing blog, Squirrels-n-Sweets. We felt that it would only be fitting to choose a confection that was a fine representation of the perfect union that Michele and her newlywed husband have. This cake is not the most complex of cakes, but it's a rich, moist chocolate sponge cake with Oreo buttercream filling...complete with a yummy cookie crumble topping. It definitely captures the joyfulness and personality that we've found to be so endearing in our two awesome friends. 

Just like the world's most beloved milk dunking cookie, Michele and Mike are a perfectly matched duo who are bonded by a pure white "wonder-filled" center. The highly addicting friendship they create together makes you wonder how you ever managed to exist before they came into your life.

For the full Oreo Chocolate Cake recipe check out BBC's Good Food website. 

For all of your other delicious eatery needs, just keep scrolling through the many posts of Squirrels-n-Sweets. I guarantee you'll find sugar, spice and everything nice in between. 

Yen & Harold
Broke Lemons

This guest post is brought to you by our dear friends Harold and Yen of Broke Lemons. The divine Oreo Chocolate Cake was baked by Yen and the sweet post is written by Harold. Be sure to check out their jaw-dropping blog as they explore life in New Zeland. That's right... freaking New Zeland... oh you know, the land of hobbits and elves. The landscapes are surreal, the photos picturesque, and their tales are always entertaining. I love reading their differing perspectives and sharing in their adventure. Thank you both for sharing this recipe and your kind words! Mike and I miss you but are visiting vicariously through Broke Lemons! Sending mad love and good vibes! Bird Gang 4 Life.