Saturday, February 15, 2014

Finally! Dinner Rolls!

The two tiny words hit with the strength of a tidal wave: dinner rolls. It was the response that I had been dreading.  Every holiday/celebration, I offer to make something for the festivities. It's just the way that I was raised: when you go to another person's home, you must bring food or flowers. Needless to say, it didn't phase me the first time Mike's mom requested dinner rolls. It's a yeast-based bread- my favorite! After making dozens of cinnamon rolls and other sweet breads, this should be a walk in the park.... right? 

And so started what I dubbed, "The Sullivan Curse." Since that fateful Thanksgiving in 2011, I have been an all-star master of destruction to the poor dinner roll. They've been burnt; didn't rise; left in the fridge too long; ruined yeast. It's been one demise after another, creating a dinner roll graveyard.

This year, I was determined. My research was thorough and I settled on a recipe that promised to bring the moon and the stars. I made them a day early to give some leeway should the Curse strike. And strike it did... the first attempt didn't rise- they were much more akin to hockey pucks. I had one last chance: Christmas Day. 

During my final throw with destiny... I reread the recipe again and again, searching for a clue. My gaze hung on the yeast measurement. 1 TABLESPOON of yeast. Not one PACKET which holds a mere 2 1/4 teaspoons. My jaw hit the kitchen counter realizing this major oversight from the night prior. Let's give it one more go, shall we?

*trumpet sounds* I am proud announce that the Curse has been lifted!! This time, the dinner rolls came out banger! They were delicious, light, and fluffy- exactly as promised. They're versatile in their simplicity. Eat them straight up with jam for breakfast or keep it savory with a sprinkle of sea salt and rosemary for dinner.

Thank you Emma Christensen of The Kitchn for this fantastic recipe! The post even has lovely step-by-step guidance. Be sure to check it out!