Married Ladies Brunch

Never did I imagine having a group of married ladies over for brunch... it just sort of happened. Some girlfriends and I were chatting when the idea came up and took on a life of its own. You bring this, she'll make that, and don't forget the mimosas! It was decreed, "no boys allowed!" and that's when it hit:

Holy crap, we're all... married.

Ah marriage... the stuff of grown people. When I was a kid, attending a wedding was as common as a birthday party because of our large family. Have I ever mentioned that we're fresh off the boat and Catholic too? Yup. There were a LOT of marriages.  All that meant was going to church, followed by a big party with poor adult supervision, ruining fancy clothes, and behaving like a bunch of lunatics with cousins... good times. I never gave all that wedding stuff a second thought.

Then boom. It started spreading like wild fire. Humeira, Jess, Alex, Sulava, Ashley, Flynn, Francine, Megan, Marie. Even my little cousin proposed to his long-time girlfriend.  It had become contagious! This disassociated part of life had become tangible and on July 21, 2012, it completely rocked my world with a beautiful engagement ring. It still blows my mind. I guess that's just how time passes;  you don't really notice the tide until these big moments make you pause and look around.

What do I see when I look around? 

A lot wonderful things.


Married Ladies Brunch Menu

The Ashely Mimosa (sub orange juice with guava)
Magical Coffee, from Food 52 (post to follow)
Coconut Cream Pie French Toast, from Minimalist Baker (cut into sticks for easy sharing)
Mango and Raspberry Gelato, from Land O' Lakes (*strongly recommend making the crust , breaking it into pieces, and using as garnish for mango gelato; top with fresh raspberries and dollops of whipped topping)
Fresh fruit