Almond & Cinnamon Coffee Cake

Good morning // Good evening // I hope you like dreaming // You live to learn and you learn to live // It's positive and negative // I can't sleep - but I dream big

Man, I love that song. The plan is to bump it in the kitchen tonight and make something tasty as a snack for the work week. I just may make this Almond and Cinnamon Coffee Cake again. It's a lovely confection that's quick and easy to bake. 

This coffee cake is different than the standard variety found at the bakery or grocery store. For starters, there's no cinnamon-based middle layer. Don't worry- there's plenty of crumble on top. The use of oat and almond flour make it a little denser and, naturally, a touch on the nutty side. I'm an almond fiend so it worked out perfectly.  Plus, it felt more breakfast friendly because of the use of oat and flax seed. Everything's healthy once you add flax seed- right? 

Yes, let me live a lie.

Please note, the original version is vegan. I used regular butter as a substitute for lack of supplies. It came out just as yummy as anticipated. Oh! It's gluten-free as well!

For the recipe, check out the Almond and Cinnamon Coffee Cake post on Love and Lemons! I am currently obsessing over their noms as well as the Minimalist Baker.