Summer Nights: The Burrito Bowl Potluck

There's something magical about a summer night... how a scorching sun can transition perfectly into a peaceful twilight studded with stars and the caress of a cool, nostalgic breeze. The changing seasons makes things feel new; it's always the same tune but never the same song.

To celebrate the beautiful weather, we decided to have friends and family over for dinner. My intentions were not entirely selfless. Let me explain. 

I found this awesome recipe a few months back for beer braised carnita burrito bowls via Taste Love & Nourish. It looked very tasty but I balked at the thought of having to prepare all the fixings. How could I enjoy this dish without having to do all the work.... That's when the idea struck: potluck! 

The recipe was sent out and dibs were placed. As my mom says, people rather be told what to bring- it's less stressful.  It was a win-win situation, no?

There are six key components of the burrito bowl:

Cilantro-Lime Brown Rice
JalapeƱo Corn Salsa
Fresh Tomato Salsa
Beer Braised Pork (or protein of your choosing)
Black Beans
Guacamole or sliced avocados

As with any recipe, adjust to your needs. Both salsas came out hotter than expected- the jalapenos packed a surprising punch- so watch out! It's a good thing that we're a tribe of spice eaters. Instead of making pork, we went with a slow-cooked, pulled-chicken as well as a batch of scrambled tofu for the vegetarians. 

Everything came together beautifully! Way to go team! Each element was well seasoned and complemented the rest of the bowl. We threw in some flour tortillas for those who wanted more of burrito than a bowl. Mike and I designated the black beans as the MVP; I would make them as a side for a number of dinners. 

To end the evening, there was Vietnamese Iced Coffee Sundaes- one of my earliest (ugliest) and favorite posts. It's freaking crack man! Sorry there aren't more pictures of food- the focus was on eating (as it should be).

So find a nice spot of shade this summer. Contact some friends- old and new. And enjoy time spent together. It's good for you! 

For the break down of the recipes, check out this post on Taste Love & Nourish. Or, you can get frisky and make up your town themed potluck! Have fun!