Light Mocha Coconut-Kissed Cake

When I get a craving for sweets, I try to go for a bite of fruit or a few pieces of dark chocolate as they're the more healthy alternative. Sometimes though... they don't quite cut it. This Light Mocha Coconut-Kissed Cake is great if you're craving something naughty but don't want all the guilt. That's not to say it's guilt-free... just a little less then the full-on version that I have made in the past. Got to love these Finnish desserts!

The selling points of this confection include a significant reduction in the amount of sugar (only 40 grams), the use of apple sauce instead of butter, and healthy bit of spelt and coconut flour. If you haven't used spelt flour before, it has a slightly nutty flavor and creates a hearty, dense quality. Be wary, we couldn't find it at the standard issue grocery store and had to go to Whole Foods. 

The icing on top is more of a glaze. There is no butter involved and the thickness depends on how much coffee (or sub with milk) that you add. Since it is a glaze, I found that poking the cake with a fork before applying the topping helped it really seep in. 

And finally, a generous sprinkling of shredded, unsweetened coconut seals the deal. Slap a raspberry or cherry on top for additional cute factor.

Be advised, if you're using cupcake liners as I did, the glaze can make the cake stick to the paper. I recommend baking this directly into a buttered/sprayed pan and then serving in a liner. Scandi Foodie actually bakes this recipe in small loaf tins. Do what works for your kitchen!

For the full recipe, be sure to check out this post over on Scandi Foodie. You can also try out the full-guilt version here