Vegan Cookie Dough Bites

No, you're not having a moment; it is August and there is, in fact, snow in the background of these photographs. Mike grabbed a memory card for the camera the other day and informed me that there were still pictures on it. Pictures from this past winter... ah geez. Bravo, Michele, bravo!

Ahem. As you can see! Last winter, I made Vegan Cookie Dough bites as a quick and sweet treat. 

Note, I am not a vegan though I do call myself a part-time vegetarian; I eat meat if it's prepared by family for a special occasion. One does not argue with a Portuguese mother, born and raised on a farm, whose been slaving away in the kitchen since 6am preparing the perfect Christmas feast as a means of expressing their love; one shuts up, gets a plate of food, and is grateful. To that end, I do my best to keep a healthy, animal-free lifestyle.

These Cookie Dough bites intrigued me. Instead of a flour base, the recipe calls for smashed chickpeas mixed with a little bit of nut butter (i.e. peanut butter) and kissed with some natural sweetener (i.e. honey or maple syrup). They are then coated in non-dairy chocolate chips which those non-vegan folks can substitute with regular chips. 

While they are not exactly the same as cookie dough, they are very flavorful and will satisfy your sweet tooth. They are best directly out of the freezer because the chill neutralizes the remnant of any chickpea flavor. Keep an arsenal in the freezer and pop 'em as needed! The center is soft  and smooth while the exterior has that chocolate crunch of an ice cream bar.  Plus, this recipe is significantly healthier then what is typically a ball of sugar and butter.

They're easy to make and great when you're on the go. For this simple yet sweet Vegan Cookie Dough Bites recipe, check out Sheri Silver's post on Babble!