Travel Treats: Jackson Hole, WY

Welcome to the North American Midwest! The land where the buffalo roam- literally, they can cause hour long traffic jams as they cross the road - and the deer and antelope play. 

A few years back, my girlfriend Heather was talking about leaving Richmond, VA to try out New York. She is a city-girl with a knack for making friends and the courage to try new things. It only made sense in her progression as an artist and networking monster to move to a bustling metropolis. I waited to hear the verdict for her next big move. 

Life likes to throw curve balls when you least suspect it.  A few months later, Heather was gushing about a fella she met during her lunch break. He was a country-boy homesick for the mountains of Wyoming. Their relationship grew and you can guess how the rest of the story played out. I don't know about you- but Jackson Hole sure as heck isn't NYC. What can I say... love moves mountains. 

The husband and I finally had the opportunity to make the journey to their homestead. It was like nothing that I had ever experienced. Standing in the shadow of the Grand Tetons is humbling, surreal, and exhilarating all at once. We observed tons of wildlife wandering freely through the elk reservations, Yellow Stone National Park, and simply driving around. We're talking a grizzly bear, elk, moose, buffalo, and even a badger! We fell in love with Lake Jenny and enjoyed s'mores under star light.

It was an amazing vacation and I am so grateful to spend quality time with Heather and her now fiancee! Thank you both for having us over and sharing your world! We love you! Till the next episode!

I hope that you enjoy these shots from our adventure!