Friday, August 14, 2015

Spiced Blondies with Chai Ganache

Chai is one of those magical blend of spices that's aromatic, earthy, warm, and soothing all at the same time. Add it to some black tea, steep with a touch of heavy milk, a kiss of sweetener, and you have the perfect cup of goodness. I like chai in just about anything, from pancakes to icecream (can't wait make some)! This recipe for Spiced Blondies with Chai Ganache takes things to a whole new level.

Picture it now: cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves, coriander, and nutmeg with a hint of a ground black pepper for gentle bite. Mix in some vanilla extract, almost equal parts flour to brown sugar, eggs, and add a generous serving of butter. So evil! Bake into blondie form (a brownie without the cocoa). Now as if that's not inviting enough, add a luscious layer of chai-tea infused, white chocolate topping. 

Don't make a face you non-white chocolate lovers! This is different... there's tea involved! I hate white-chocolate and this swooned even the likes of me. Admittedly, I halved the amount of ganache to cut back. If you're really all that adverse, try this tasty cream cheese chai frosting instead.

This is a lovely dessert because a small bite packs a lot of awesome. Initially, I cut these into 9 squares from a 8x8 pan but that proved to be serious a serving. In bite-sized form, they are perfect for parties and people quickly become addicted. The danger is lies in the delicious spices masking the richness of the blondie. It's the jungle juice of baked goods. Make at your own peril!

If you're not into tea, don't worry. These taste nothing like tea! Think of fall flavors, almost like pumpkin spice, with a very subtle pow from the peppercorn. Serve with a cup of chai if you want the ultimate experience or a glass of milk! You could even do espresso if you want a "dirty chai" - boo barista humor.  However you serve it, they're delicious!

This recipe for Spiced Blondies with Chai Ganache can be found on Raspberri Cupcakes!