Biscuits and Blizzards

As you can see, our little home made it through Blizzard Jonas 2016 in Virginia without a hitch! We are grateful that we didn't lose power or have to wait too long for a snow plow to come through our neighborhood. There was a lot (as in a dumb amount) of shoveling involved. 

In preparation for the blizzard, we made sure our grocery list was thoughtful and delicious. If you're going to be holed in, you best be holed in right with tasty food and lots of coffee. There were chocolate chip cookies with tahini hot cocoa, biscuits, roasted chicken, chickpeas, and espresso cinnamon buns. Not too shabby. As things came out of the oven, we shared with our neighbor to help fuel the shoveling.

Our strategy was simple: eat well, keep warm, and stay ahead of the game. We didn't give the snow a chance to pile up to it's highest potential. We hit it in rounds during the morning and evening, using lots of pet-safe salt.  It truly did pay off by the end of the weekend as we watched others labor for hours trying to dig out their cars. Go team go! See picture below to get an inkling of how high it piled on our back deck alone - our little Remington was so puzzled. 

Like I was saying. 

Being holed in, we were going to at least enjoy some good home cooking. One food that I know Mike will always destroy is biscuits. He loves them in every shape and size, from drop biscuits to carefully rolled and layered. I think it's their versatility that makes them so special. You can enjoy them with a smear of jam if you're feeling naughty or pile on eggs for a hearty breakfast. 

This recipe {insert glam shot of biscuits} is one of my favorites because it's perfectly lazy: light and tender Cream Biscuits. That's right - cream biscuits. I learned about them by accident a few years back when I had extra heavy cream in the fridge. Unlike the traditional biscuits, there is no slicing butter into pea sized crumbles. It's as easy as measure, mix, mold, and bake. Freaking. Awesome.

As for the taste, they do not have a "buttery" flavor but the cream has the butter fat to make it sinfully good. They have a bit of a crumb to them but they hold their shape very well. Just make sure that you do not over mix your dough or else it won't rise as well when baking.

Since the basement was super cold, we turned the living room into head quarters with a pop-up table from my college years courtesy of Asako. Anything to get some natural light. It was like having an indoor picnic (with fresh out of the oven biscuits). Stay toasty everyone! Spring is just around the corner!

The recipe for these quick and easy, oh so dreamy Cream Biscuits can be found on Serious Eats.