Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Cosmopolitan Cake

Right before the New Years Eve shenanigans popped off, I saw this Cosmopolitan Cake from King Arthur Flour and knew it had to be a guest at my girlfriend's NYE party. Carolyn is known for her glamorous, quirky style and throwing some killer soirees. Cake soaked in Triple Sec, lemon-lime curd, and cranberry frosting would fit in perfectly!

Since this was whisked away for the evening, I didn't have the opportunity to take any fancy photos. I didn't use any food coloring so it doesn't have the same vivacious pink as King Arthur's version but it was still just as darling. Plus, a sprinkle of edible stars around the border makes it irresistible!

The cake itself came out a bit dense. I read the reviews and other bakers had similar results; it was implied that it may have been the amount of flour. That being the case, I wish the ingredients were posted with metric measurements rather than "cups." Better safe than sorry! I even baked the cake a second round to troubleshoot with fresh baking powder but alas - same texture. It's not distasteful but it makes halving the two rounds into four impossible. My recommendation: use a fluffy white cake recipe instead and stick with the Triple Sec soak. I love this recipe from America's Test Kitchen! If you're avoiding booze, skip the soak and incorporate orange instead (i.e. orange zest in the batter or orange extract).

As for the frosting and curd, both came out sensational. I never used meringue powder before in frosting but it turned out silky smooth and luscious. If you cannot find undiluted cranberry juice, fret not! Take some regular juice and reduce it on the stove top to at least half to concentrate it.

Overall, I really enjoyed this cake! It's not super sweet - it quite tart and refreshing. Everyone at the party raved about it but when my friend with a wicked sweet tooth had a slice, he said it was too tart for him. That being said, tart is not everyone's cup of tea so know your audience. Happy New Year!

Check out the recipe for this Cosmopolitan Cake at King Arthur Flour!