Thursday, June 15, 2017

DIY: Easy Cupcake Party Hats

These cupcake toppers are super cute and, more importantly, super easy to make! I saw some in the baking aisle and balked at the cost. They weren't crazy pricey but still... it was one of those moments where you think, "pshhh, I could make that." And so I did.

The supplies that you need are very basic! They include: a pencil or pen, scissors, tape (regular and/or double sided), a circular stencil (a cup will work), scrapbook paper, and some wrapping tissue paper. That's it! If you're not into the tassel top, feel free to switch it up with little pom poms that you can find at a craft store.

Before we start, I would like to note that these cupcake party hats are for MINI-CUPCAKES, not full-sized. For these hats, I used a three-inch round stencil. You can easily adapt these toppers for any dessert by changing the circumference of the circle. Just tinker around!

Step 1. Trace a three-inch circle on the back of your scrapbook paper, whichever side you don't want displayed. Each circle creates two party hats. Feel free to use different sized circles and a mix of paper to create a range of hats - whatever suits your needs!

Step 2. Cut out the circle and fold in half. Use this fold as your marker to cut the circle into two, even halves.

Step 3. Roll each half-moon into a cone; the middle of the flat side will naturally crease into the tip of cone. This step helps warm up the paper for it's final state so you can just set it down for now.

Step 4. For the tassel that sticks out of the top of the party hat, cut out a 1 inch square of tissue paper. This doesn't have to be precise- simply trim as needed. Make 1/2 inch cuts at even intervals across one side of the tissue paper to create the tassel fray. Roll up the paper and twist at the base of the frayed intervals.

Step 5. Place the tassel at the center of the half moon so that the tassel pokes out of the tip of the cone. Adjust amount of tassel poking out to your liking and then tape down on the inside of the cone.

Step 6. Roll up the paper to form the cone and tape the cone so that it doesn't unravel; use double sided tape if you want no signs of the seal.

And you're done. Not too shabby! What I liked most about these hats was the availability of supplies in the house. I used a mix of leftover craft paper that has been gathering over the years and busted out our bag of tissue paper reserved for holiday gift bags. You could make an army of these tiny hats with minimal budget and effort! Imagine how darling these would be with a color theme! I can see them stealing the show at any celebration. 

I hope these directions were not clear as mud : ) If you have any questions, feel free to reach out and I will do my best to clarify! Happy Friday!