Friday, May 18, 2018

Vanilla Cake with Swiss Buttercream and Raspberry Filling

This Vanilla Cake with Swiss Buttercream was made for my girlfriend's niece's birthday party. It's always fun to collaborate with her because we have different styles. Flor is bold and fierce - she originally wanted neon shades which was like scratching a record in my brain. I love muted tones and my favorite color is gray - super fun, right? Needless to say, Flor can push me out of my comfort zone and it's awesome  Thanks lady!

The recipes for this cake are no mystery to this blog - they are my beloved, tried and true friends. This cake has been present for a Gender Reveal Party and a Wedding while I use this Swiss Buttercream on almost every cake. They have never let me down and it's going to be hard to open my heart to new recipe possibilities.

As you can see, we didn't quite land on neon because I wanted the wrappers to complement the frosting. I think we met right in the middle between muted and bold! Bold mutes? Either way. With six different colors, I was very proud of myself for using only one piping bag to reduce waste.

The venue of the birthday party was an indoor trampoline warehouse. To match the overall theme, my super creative husband made the cupcake toppers with kids jumping and flipping about. We used basic paper with the home printer and made them double-sided. Nothing a glue stick and a lollipop stick can't handle! Thanks, hubby! 

Vanilla Cake with Swiss Buttercream and Raspberry Filling

Yo's Ultimate Vanilla Cake (three tier 6 inch rounds)
recipe from How to Cake It 
coated with Vanilla Simple Syrup

Swiss Buttercream
recipe from Smitten Kitchen

Raspberry Filling
my preferred jams include Bonne Maman Raspberry Preserves and Crofters Organic Just Fruit Spread Raspberry

Food Colors
from Wilton
  • Orange
  • Golden Yellow
  • Leaf Green
  • Violet
  • Red 
  • Sky Blue