Cake Drops

My friend's mom let me have a few of these while I was visiting overseas and was hooked. They're simple, can be made easily in mass quantity, versatile, and full of innovation. You can literally make any flavor combination you can think of. Get creative!

Cake Drops

Instant cake mix

1 16oz can of frosting (standard issue)
or Cream Cheese
Chocolate (white, dark, whatever!) to melt for coating or Chocolate Bark

You can even add liqueur flavors. Kahlua and Baileys go great. Just drizzle some on the cake once it's cooled and a little less frosting.

Bake the cake per instructions and let it cool completely. Once cooled, vigorously stir in the frosting till well blended. Place in the freezer for 3 hours or over night. Easy prep!

Remove from freezer. Use a melon baller or your own 2 hands and form balls. Whatever size you'd like and in variety. Your call. Place on wax paper and return to freezer for another hour.

When it's almost time to remove the balls, prep the chocolate. I grabbed a bunch of leftover holiday chocolate bars. Simply melt in the microwave (30 seconds and then check) and continuously stir.
Get your production line ready. Have the balls ready to go, the dipping chocolate right next to it, and a bowl of cold water with ice cubes. Using a spoon/toothpick, take balls and dip in chocolate till coated completely. Drop into the bowl of ice water. The chocolate will immediately harden to ensure a clean coat. Once they are done, return to the freezer for another hour just to stay on the safe side.

Decorate as you please! You can double layer lightly with white chocolate or drizzle on designs.