Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cinnabuns : Part 2

As mentioned in my previous blog, the Cinnamon Buns came out more "doughey" and I was not too thrilled with the yeast I used. I'm a little stubborn. So I remade them this weekend with my home girl Zareen. They came out sooo much better. I did two things different:

  1. Regular yeast (not organic)

  2. Cooler milk

The true culprit may have been the milk and not the yeast. The recipe calls for warm milk, not hot. Perchance mine was tooo warm last time. As soon as I mixed them- you could tell it was going to be different. Also, the dough rose A LOT more. Even the color is lighter. So remember: warm milk.

I give this recipe a thumbs for good ol fashioned Cinnamon Buns with a lil crunch!