DC Food Bloggers Anniversary

September 1st marked the one year anniversary of the group, DC Food Bloggers (DCFBHH). I would be entirely out of the loop if it was not for my friend Marie. She always knows what's going on in the DMV- thank goodness she's in my life! I really did not know what to expect, I've never been to a happy hour to actually meet new people. I was in for a delightful surprise.

The happy hour was held at Poste, located in Washington, D.C. They roped off a small corner of their outdoor seating for the foodies. Everyone signed in and sported name tags. It was neat to put a face with the blog. The special was the house white and red wine, as well as truffle fries. I didn't have dinner yet so this was more of an appetizer. The truffles varied per serving- some had a subtle earthy taste, others were more faint.

I chatted the majority of the night with Angela from iFlipForFood and the author of DeepThroat. Lemme tell ya- Angela is freaking hilarious! This lil pinay had me giggling with tales of the fryer she won't use because it's from an ex and dating sketchy bartenders in Georgetown. She made the comment that the best blogs are written by Asians. I raised my hand to disagree and said one name: Smitten. A hush came over the group as everyone nodded in reverence. Angela then said, 'oh well she's jewish- close enough to asian!' Crazy girl!

And forgive me for having a 'girl' moment, but I got to wear my new j.crew dress I got on sale. I've never worn j.crew in my life- blame the bf. I was coming from a meeting in Falls Church so for once, I was dressed up. It's super cute and has a little bow in the back. Kinda vintage looking. So don't make fun of me!!

To make the night sweeter, Marie won the surprise raffle! They picked a name at random from the guest list. She got a kick ass box of cookies from Northside Social in Arlington. Being the sweetheart she is, she went around and passed them out to all the other foodies.

As the festivities came to a close, we decided to hit up a local dim-sum restaurant near the metro called Ping Pong. It is absolutely fantastic. The decor is clean and modern, I loved the cherry wood tables. The ambiance was fun and it was bumpin even on a Wednesday night (so pick when you go carefully). The food? Dear Lord.... delicious. Every bite. The menu is huge and the portions are perfect. We ordered 3 items and struggled to finish. If you're ever in the Chinatown area- you must go to this restaurant! Peep Marie's review.

It was so nice just to go out, have a glass of wine, meet new people, enjoy nom noms, and kick back with a girlfriend.

I am happy to be a DC Food Blogger! : )