Special Thanks

Shout out to the beautiful and talented Ms. HB. Thanks to her, my blog has a new header. I love seeing what people can come up with such a unique blog name. I didn't realize at first that the little \\'s were sprinkles.

HB and I became friends in 2003 at a Halloween party. She was dressed as an angel and I was in a home-made pikachu outfit (don't judge). At first, I was scared she was going to be a mean girl. The moment I made her laugh though, I knew I had a friend for life. She can make any room light up; she's a hopeless romantic that will never let me give up on the word 'love.' We are so different, yet balance each other out.

If you ever need a graphic designer, feel free to contact her. She's damn good. You will love the way she dreams.

Thanks HB!