Crafty Bastards 2010

Better act like you know. Crafty Bastards 2010 was this past weekend in Adam's Morgan. It's one of my favorite events every year because it blends two of my passions: art and breakin.

Basically, they set up tons of tents for artists to display, sell, and promote their stuff. I'm on a rush every time I step into it. I want to look at EVERYTHING and ask a million questions. I get a high by the idea of creating things. Can't really explain it. You could just order something from a faceless label and get a cheap price. But I want to know- where did you get this idea? How did you make it? It's all about expression. Why have an imagination if you aint gonna use it?

Some of the vendors that stood out included: Arcane Arts, Dandelion Blu (2 necklaces by them), Glue and Glitter (cute apron), and Mary Ink (llama t-shirt). That's just naming a few! It was neat because I recognized some of the vendors from Shana Logic. Go Indie!

Vendor of the year goes out to Fernworks. I saw the stuff at this table and my heart skipped a beat. Every image was out of a dream. Truly beautiful and memorable art. If you close your eyes, you could almost walk through these landscapes. Thanks Fernworks for sharing your talent.

Then there is the break dancing event down in the basketball court. This aspect is hit or miss because of the venue. I remember one year there was no flooring and people danced on the cold concrete. Hey man, I love to dance but I'm not going to get gravel in my arm just to stick a freeze. That would only put me on the sidelines at practice. Pictures courtesy of Futurewalk Entertainment.

This year, they got a floor. It looked like carpet with vinyl on top but it got the job done. Weather was perfect. DJ did a decent job. Battles started around 2:30PM and went on till the sun set. I didn't stick around for the entire jam, it pained me to leave while Kraack and Smack played.

HOWEVER. I stayed long enough to witness the display of ridiculous awesomeness by my boys Ben and Charlie (the young gentlemen to the left). Since I started dancing, I have looked up to Ben from afar because he is kind, patient, and down right nasty. I met Charlie this past year and was stunned to see him kick the skills into clutch- get 'em! There is no doubt- they are dope. Yah I said 'dope.'

This aint all hugs and cupcakes.