Ideas for Christmas Presents... Oh Hell.

Profanity comes to mind when I look at the date. Christmas is not that far off and I have done zero shopping. Unless I know exactly what I'm looking for- I will not set foot in the mall. Swimming through the sea of people and dealing with parking... yah my shoulders tense just thinking about it. I'm going to try to accomplish everything via internet this year. Wish me luck! Here are a couple of vendors I like... maybe you will too! It's simple, cute stuff.

One Delightful Button is a girlfriend from college's site. It only made sense she would have something like this. I can't explain- just matches her sweet personality. She sells really cool buttons, rings, bookmarks, and hair accessories. She has more stuff than what's shown on the site! It's awesome.

Glue and Glitter were at Crafty Bastards this past year and I got a super cool apron. I almost want to turn it into a dress, the material is so soft and pretty. The lil cupcake pocket rocks- it's perfect for stashing my cell phone and camera.

Also at Crafty this year was Mary Ink, a trendy t-shirt spot. I got their blue llama shirt and it fits really well. I love getting t-shirts from actual artists and not a machine- it's unique and you know it got some soul to it!
Another buddy rocking the art scene is my girl Christina. She tried pottery... painting... and found her niche in wood working. She makes beautiful ornaments, wine toppers, and crazy hand mirrors that remind me of Beauty and the Beast. I never would have guessed till I saw her table at a local craft show. She's vicious. I couldn't do this stuff... I'd get splinters.

Okay, and to shake it up a little bit- I gotta give some love to all the bboy/bgirl artist brands. These include: Rogue Squirrel, Cypha Bullies, and Aireal Apparel. Got a soft spot for the Rogue brand- for obvious reasons...

Support an artist and give something unique! And hey, if you got any great links- send them this way! Always looking for inspiration!