Shower Nom Nom Recap

There was a moment where I was scared for people's lives in the kitchen. My brother had called casually to say he was on his way to the restaurant for lunch. Lunch? Already? What time is it? That's when Olga realized it was noon and not all the food was ready for the 1pm baby shower. Uh oh.

This woman is such a G, she kept cooking even with a burned hand from the bbq. Susana was wrestling to put ointment on her but couldn't hold her back. Bruised, bandaged and yelling at people.... lunch was on the table by 1. Food is an extension of love in this family. It's her only daughter's baby shower- ohhhh you could taste the love. Paella, roast beef, potatoes, salad, bread... my goodness.

I played it safe and stuck with desserts made in the safety of my kitchen: cupcakes, cake donuts, cake pops, monkey bread (per request), and blueberry lemonade.

Since women are pickers by nature, I kept the cupcakes as minis. The Chocolate Cupcakes with Chocolate Buttercream frosting (frosting with Ovaltine mixed in? heck yah!) were topped with gum paste flowers from Sweet Perfections. No one believed the flowers were edible because of how pretty, dainty, and delicate they looked. Terra was super nice and threw in a few extra flowers in case they broke in the mail. Not a single one was broken! Thanks so much Terra!

Plus, found this cupcake stand for $10 at the Home Goods store. Added a few flowers and ribbon I stumbled upon at Michael's to go with the blue theme.

With the left over batter from one sheet of cupcakes, I made mini chocolate donuts with a coffee flavored glaze. The glaze was simply confectioners sugar with a splash of milk and some coffee extract. These were a gamble- I never made cake donuts but this recipe worked out amazing! Phew! Highly recommend.

The cake pops were made from boxed lemon cake (shush you hardcore foodies) mixed with 1 regular (16 ounce) package of cream cheese. Next time, I'm going to use lemon frosting instead. Wasn't feeling the cream cheese and lemon combination. For the coating, add a few splashes of blue food coloring to some white chocolate bark and melt over double boiler. Yes, they looked cute but they were a pain in the butt in terms of time.

To help wash down the sweetness, a lil more sweetness: blueberry lemonade. This was again, a part of the blue themed effort. It definitely wasn't blue though. You lied to me blueberries!! Simply take the delicious raspberry lemonade recipe and switch out the fruit portion. I halved the sugar.

Last but not least, the beloved monkey bread. This thing has become an epidemic in my family. Everyone LOVES it. Yes- it's time consuming because the bread has to rise twice but it's worth it. People are mystified by this sweet bread.

I topped the bread with these mesmerizing mini pinwheels from Aubrey. I'm enchanted by these pinwheels and have them in vases throughout the house. They're dreamy. I was even more tickled she used one of my pictures for her etsy! Thanks so much Aubrey!

Mission, complete! Now just waiting for summer to kick in for all the family bdays! Ah geez : )