Happy Holidays 2011

This is just a little note to say Happy Holidays! One can't help being swept away by the winter vibe: scarfs, hugs, hot cocoa, smores, ugly sweaters, and love. 

Every family- no matter what shape or size- has their way of celebrating. There's festive dinners. There's movie night. There's gift giving. Some go to church. Some skip church cuz it's too crowded and go to Silver Diner for brunch and are told to lie to the rest of the family that stayed home cooking lunch that they did in fact attend mass (true story, only it was Easter). However you celebrate- MAKE IT MERRY!

My crew celebrates Christmas Eve which works out PERFECTLY because the rest of the world (besides other Luso's, Spanish, Latinos, and Italians) does Christmas day. We're not supposed to eat meat this day. Why? Honestly I'm not sure- I just know there's lots of bacalhau (codfish). There's usually a midnight mass followed by gift opening. The best part though is the eating... having everyone gathered around a big table and swapping stories.

I don't like to make those lists of "what to make" because I feel presumptuous. However, this year, I found myself asking that very question! Last year I was hell bent on the Monster Tiramisu per request of my little brother. On dock, I am going to make Iced Eggnog Cookies (though I was torn with this recipe as well), Alteria (recipe to follow), Smoretini's, and Buttered Rosemary Buns

Other recipes that I would recommend are:
There are a million ideas out there! Take them and make them your own! And please, don't stress. I know how rough it can be in the kitchen, especially on a holiday, and things don't turn out as you planned.  As much as you love fam, they can be a headache but that's part of the job description. Don't lose focus of what holidays are SUPPOSED to be about: love. So relax. It's the thought that counts!

Appreciate life. Find strength. Give, don't just receive. Express yourself. Breath imagination. Hold onto hope and courage.  Be grateful. And leave cookies out for Santa.

You Are So Very Loved