Breakfast Oatmeal Cookies

It's a beautiful, warm Saturday afternoon in Virginia. I love days like this. Woke up late, ate cereal on the back porch, ran some errands, swung by Target where Mike got some shirts (rawr!), and tortured myself by visiting Petco where the Animal Allies were in full effect. If it were possible to adopt all of the puppies and kitties. Sigh. Now it's time to do a quick post and hang out with our new foster, Chloe (post to follow), before hitting the track. 

We had the urge for cookies the other night but there were not enough chocolate chips  for decadence. So. I went the opposite direction and opted for healthy... oatmeal! Now, just because it's an oatmeal cookie recipe does NOT innately make it healthy. This recipe from Nourishing Roots was so simple and light,  I used the cookies as breakfast. Look at the ingredient list: oatmeal, flour, raisins, ground almonds, maple syrup, milk, and spices. All the sweetness comes from the maple syrup. If you need it sweeter, THEN incorporate chocolate chips, but don't go crazy. Dust lightly with confectioners sugar!

The recipe recommends buckwheat flour, which I don't have, so I substituted with whole wheat and a tablespoon of ground flax seed. I also added chia seeds for a vitamin boost! I don't have safflower oil (a vegetable oil low in saturated fat) which didn't seem to effect how they came out of the oven.

These cookies are like having a teensy bowl of oatmeal. They are not crunchy and hard- they're pretty softy and very satisfying. If you want a relatively healthy breakfast on the go, I highly recommend! Put the poptart down and eat oatmeal!

Have a great weekend and happy mother's day to all you mommy's out there! *big hugs*

Recipe from Nourishing Roots and can be found here!