Mike's Oreo Birthday Cake

Hooray for being a cougar! I'm teasing but it's true. The boyfriend is a little younger... 1 year and 8 months to be exact. It's not a significant difference but we still like to joke about it. He tricked me because of his scruff and the mature way he carries himself. Then we exchanged email addys and I groaned seeing the last 2 digits of his birth year.  Love is love. For Halloween, he may dress up as a pool boy and I'll dress up like a desperate house wife with cat ears. Get it? Booooo!

Long story short. Happy Birthday amor! It was a joyous occasion celebrated with friends and family. We got down like we usually do with laughter, food, bachata, video games, and hugs. You can see his love and kindness reflected in the people that come together. His existent makes this world a better place. You're the best, babe!

I have vowed to make a new version of an Oreo Cake for his birthday every year and thus this divine Chocolate Cake with Oreo Frosting from Baker's Royale was born. It's chocolate cake coated in crumbled oreo buttercream, topped with rich ganache.

The cake was incredible. Yet another win for David Lebovtiz! I wanted it be special, so this was the first time using Valrhona French Chocolate. Holy sweet mother of jesus. Pricey? Maybe a touch. It's no Hershey's. Worth it? Yes. A million times yes. I used the 66% cocoa, Caraibe chocolate and had a difficult time not eating it from the bag. There is such a difference when using quality ingredients. If you're local, you can find a wide variety of Valrhona chocolates at La Cuisine in Old Town Alexandria and the staff is very helpful.

The one thing I didn't care for was the frosting. It was too buttery for my taste  and I kept adding crumbled oreo bits. That's just me- don't let it deter you.

As part of his gift, we stayed one night at the Shenandoah Crossing resort in Gordonsville, VA. It's not even 2 hours away from Northern VA! What caught my eye was the crazy lodging accommodations. This over-sized tee-pee tent is called a yurt. It is shaped in a circle with the only private room being the bathroom. We had a full-sized kitchen, living room, and bedroom all in one shared space.

The resort specializes in horse back riding and has it's own farm. We wandered aimlessly on a path that took us to a lake covered in lily pads; stumbled upon a picturesque tree swing; bought fresh chicken eggs; and enjoyed the peaceful vistas.

And of course. I wanted a piece of the farm life. 

I don't think the feeling was mutual. 

We hope to come back sometime with a group of friends to take full advantage of the facility. Our second day was cut short due to rainy weather which was fine by us. It was nice to spend the afternoon in our own home, unwinding, and playing chess with Autumn.

And remember, go to Baker's Royale for this recipe!